ELE400062 - Multispinner Carousel Grey, Lime Green, Night Sky Blue

The KOMPAN Multispinner carousel is a thoroughly tested piece of fun social play and balance training, unique in function: the five seats are comfortable to get in and out. They are placed so that two, respectively three of them are closer together to allow for easy exit and entrance to the space in the middle of the carousel. Here children lie, sit and the older and more agile children stand as the carousel spins. Younger children invent simple games according to which colour seat you get. The children push the carousel and cooperate and negotiate their way through who are seated where, who are pushing and who are standing. After a while the older children figure out how to cooperate and get the carousel going from a seated position simply by coordinating the movements of the upper and lower bodies. Doing that the children can work the carousel up to a quite speedy spin. The Multispinner carousel was tested with children from the age of 3 and up to 16 years in respectively two kindergartens, a primary and a secondary school. The feedback and the observations of the children, carers and teachers gave important input to the final design of the Multispinner Carousel.

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