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Children learn through play and childcare specific playground equipment is the ideal way to make play safe and fun for young children. While toys can provide fun and enjoyment, it is being outside running around, climbing, exploring and just being kids where the real magic happens.

A KOMPAN child care playground will let children play with excitement on the faces of our little people. This is one of the reasons KOMPAN leads the world in play solutions for child care playground equipment designs.

Child Care Playgrounds

Studies show that free and active play keeps children healthier and helps them build critical motor skills and establish the fundamentals of abstract thinking. KOMPAN's child care playgrounds are built to accommodate these factors, promoting child development through challenging but safe play.

Childcare professionals and specialists are seeing increasingly sedentary lifestyles in Australian kids are leading to delayed physical, social and language development. Experts agree that more outdoor play benefits better childhood development and learning.

Children need to feel safe, secure and at ease to play freely in a child care playground. But they also need to expand their boundaries and explore their surroundings in unexpected ways. This is an essential part of developing mental and physical abilities and learning to anticipate and cope with risks.

Why Choose KOMPAN for Childcare Playground Equipment?

One reason why KOMPAN leads the world in play solutions is that all our preschool outdoor playground equipment is designed to promote health and learning among children. Designed and built to the highest standards, Kompany play equipment provides endless hours of exciting play for early child care centres and facilities. We have solutions specifically for toddlers through to young children that encourage walking, climbing and exploring a new and fun environment. KOMPAN play spaces encourage imagination and learning through play with colourful and creative designs.

Add new life to any playground and let your kids 'Play the KOMPAN way' with your customised solution from our huge range of swings, themed play areas, toddler equipment, climbing equipment and more. Our team are global leaders in designing and installing fantastic playgrounds suitable for all child ages. Discover the large variety of child care playground equipment KOMPAN has on offer. Contact us today!

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