Sydney's Award Winning Darling Quarter Playground


The sensational, award winning water based playground in Sydney's Darling Quarter is a triumph in modern design.


The public domain at Darling Harbour is one of the most seen locations in Australia and after falling into disrepair the former premises made way for a new, exciting redevelopment.

KOMPAN worked closely with ASPECT Studios, a talented landscape architecture team to provide the equipment and playground design that sets off this miracle in modern design. 

The location is now home to retail outlets, 6-star commercial buildings, a Children's Theatre, public parklands and a sensational water based adventure park, designed, built and maintained by KOMPAN that stands proudly as the centrepiece. 

The playground is the largest and most attractive play space for children in the Sydney CBD and attracts thousands of kids a week. The facility has now become one of the busiest public places in Sydney. 

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