Swedish ICON success makes kids move


Tensta, Sweden is home to the first computer-controlled playground in the country – a customised ICON project from KOMPAN.

"It's like a computer game, only you move much more", says 11-year-old Alexandra. She and her classmates are gathered on the new playground in the neighbourhood park. Everyone is trying to score the most points by pressing the game's illuminated interactive buttons before they stop flashing.

10-year-old Isha comes to the park at least once a week. "You get exercise and have fun at the same time", she says. Isha likes climbing and jumping more than the actual computer game, but for Ali, it's the other way round. "I got the highest score!" he shouts. Åsa Gustafsson is the children's teacher. She's excited about the new playground because it encourages the children to team up and cooperate.

Their physical education teacher, Rainer Ahlvik, is convinced that the game will get inactive children to exercise more. The games are really easy to understand, and you don't have to read long user manuals to get started.

That is a definite plus in a multinational area like Tensta, and it has helped make the playground a true success.

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Location: Tensta, Sweden

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