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In the heart of South East Brabant lies the historic town of Eersel, also well known as the pearl of the Kempen. There is no better spot for a recreation centre than here, where everything exudes the proverbial Brabant hospitality.

And so it came about that almost forty years ago two brothers bought an old farm with storage facilities in order to open a campsite. It was a far cry from the 65 hectares of camping enjoyment which Ter Spegelt Recreation Centre in Eersel currently offers. Commercial manager Angelique Joosten gave us a tour of her everyday world, to which holiday fun for both young and old is central. 

When the Keijzer brothers opened their campsite they knew exactly what they wanted. A spot where children can play and romp but also where their parents can relax with their little ones in view. How definitive can a single assumption be for the layout of an entire recreation park? The Ter Spegelt site is bristling with play areas where children can enjoy themselves together with their peers, primarily on Kompan equipment. And under the watchful gaze of their parents, as the play areas are situated on the camping fields in many cases, where adults can also have an enjoyable holiday.


Playmates close at hand

According to Angelique: "We have special camping fields for people with children in various age groups, most of which are for children aged from 0 to 6 years, as that is the group requiring the most supervision.  We also have fields for those who are a little older. For teenagers it's a completely different story, because they want their own place, for example in the covered lido. When people book their holiday we place them close to other families with children of the same age. This means everyone has playmates nearby."

At Ter Spegelt everyone has their own play area close at hand, but there is also a large playground situated centrally on the site. This is the spot where children of all ages can go to the colourful Kompanville, with its Kompan play train, various Galaxy combinations and a very high climbing tower with slide. In the middle of the playground are benches where parents can meet for a chat while their children play happily. According to Angelique it is always busy in the playground. "It really is a place where people come together for a chat and the children can really enjoy themselves. The playground is also good for children who are slightly independent, without mum and dad. Because that's also important: discovering the world for yourself."


Play equipment which is suitable for the environment

Most of the play areas on the site fit in with the atmosphere of the field in which they are situated almost seamlessly, which of course is no accident. Angelique describes Kompan's philosophy that play areas and equipment must suit their environment. "We are paying an increasing amount of attention to the materials which we use and the type of equipment that we install on the site. For example by the large lake we have created a special 'tranquil' zone for people seeking extra comfort and who want to enjoy the natural environment. Here we work exclusively with play equipment made from natural materials. The children think it's super and it fits in very well with the surroundings


Unique covered lido

According to Angelique Ter Spegelt has extended the season considerably by being creative and innovative. "We get more guests in the early and late season who are not yet governed by school holidays.  These people don't just come for the play areas, but also for the covered lido with its playground, because there is nothing else like it in Europe. And it's always beach weather, even when it's raining!"


Fast facts
Location: Ter Spegelt Recreation Centre, Netherlands
Area: 63 Ha

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