Givskud Zoo invests in future growth with new play area

New playground ups spend at zoo

Denmark’s Givskud Zoo was founded in 1969 and has grown to be an important leisure destination for tourists from near and far – welcoming almost 280,000 visitors in 2010.

In 2011, as part of its master plan and growth strategy, the zoo opened a huge play area for ages 1-16. The play area has been moved to the park's central square and upgraded with all new KOMPAN equipment for toddlers through to teens.

Behind this major investment lie thorough insights into the behaviour of visitors to the zoo. Morten Andersen, the zoo's communications and marketing manager explains:

"Our zoo serves as a full-day destination for families. There are quite a few destinations that families can choose from in our area, including LEGOLAND. In fact, the shopping centre is another competitor for our local visitors' time. Going to the zoo is a unique day out and attracts families, but experience shows that no family watches animals for a full day."

Mr Andersen explains that people spend one-third of their time at the zoo watching animals, and the remaining two-thirds on social and recreational activities. "So to be a successful destination, we need a worthwhile offering for the two-thirds of the time people aren't looking at animals," he says.

"We also need new attractions each year, as 65% of our visitors have been here within the last two years," Mr Andersen continues, adding: "It doesn't have to be new animals, and updating our other facilities is at least as important for attracting and retaining customer interest."

Mr Andersen explains that the playground is a very important part of the zoo's offering for families. "They are our main visitor group and they come here to spend quality time together. On the playground, they can watch their children being happy, and that makes parents happy as well," he says.

Placing a new, high quality playground on the zoo's central square has already proven to increase profits. "We've seen that visitors like to enjoy a snack on the playground. So as a new initiative we've opened a pancake kiosk next to the play area. So far, this has resulted in visitors spending an additional 10 Danish kroner extra per visit, without cannibalising sales in our other units," Mr Andersen notes.

"People are spending more time in the zoo since we opened our new KOMPAN playground. We've also seen that statistics for peak hours in our outlets have changed. We now budget for higher sales in our cafeteria, grill and pancake kiosk as a direct result of the new play area," Mr Andersen concludes.

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