Donsö, Göteborgs Skærgård, Sweden


In 2007, a multi-track was installed at the local athletic club, Donsö IS, located in the southern Göteborg archipelago. The area is as large as 37 x 65 metres and the course is – most likely – the largest multi-track in the world.

The project was started 7 years ago by a group of committed Donsö IS members. The association rented part of the "Kilen" area, which at the time contained an old gravel track and a hockey track.

"The area was rundown and we wanted an artificial turf track", says Ove Johnsson, who was one of the initiators of the project. After many hours of volunteer work, Donsö IS had in 2006 collected 2 million for the project, and the municipality agreed to finance the renovation of their part of the area.

The municipality presented a brochure about multi-tracks to Donsö IS, and they liked the concept and could see several advantages in establishing a multi-track instead of ordinary artificial turf. A multi-track has parapets all the way round and keeps the game going, which makes it easier for those who do not normally participate in sports. Donsö IS also thought parapets could be an advantage, because they eliminated the risk of the track being ruined by bicycles and mopeds.

The club had already decided to invest in a 7-person track. In collaboration with KOMPAN's consultant, they worked out a drawing of a double track with two goals on both long sides. This would give them "3 tracks in 1", as they could either divide the track down the middle and play the goals on the long sides or place two freestanding goals and play lengthwise on the 7-person track.

"As long as it's light there is activity on the tracks. The 5 and 6 year-olds usually play across the track, while the older kids use the 7-person track - both for training and matches. In the dark winter months, the track is lit until 9 pm, and in this period both "old boys" and the club's premier team train on the multi-track. Even the local school uses the tracks for physical education and play both football and softball," a visibly proud Mr Johansson concludes, now two years after the multi-track was established.

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