De Papillon Campsite and Bungalow Park


Playing with natural materials. Comfort and the environment are central to De Papillon Campsite and Bungalow Park.

De Papillon Campsite and Bungalow Park nestles in the pretty Twentse landscape a stone's throw from the border with our Eastern neighbours. Forests, heath, ponds and leaning ash trees mingle in this secret stretch of nature. But don't forget: this site with its 400 or so camping spaces offers plenty to do for everyone. Parents benefit from the peace and quiet and all the great things the Twentse landscape has to offer, whilst their children enjoy themselves on the playground equipment at the campsite, or in one of the unique playgrounds specially developed for De Papillon by KOMPAN.

Campsite proprietor Alex Wassink consciously chose a combination of standard play equipment from the KOMPAN Elements and Galaxy ranges, amongst others, plus special, custom-designed appliances made from FSC certified wood. "It is a strong point of Dutch campsites that we approach play areas creatively. We get a lot of German guests and they are all so enthusiastic. This is no square site with a fence around it and a climbing frame here or there, but a fantastic play area with loads to do and play equipment that challenges children to explore."

As different as possible

One of the best examples is found in the large playground, which is dominated by three Indian-style tepees connected by an exciting footbridge, which is of course fitted with an especially wide slide. According to Mr Wassink, this is one of the favourite spots for children at the campsite. "At first we didn't know exactly what we wanted, but we knew it had to be as different as possible. Together with the KOMPAN play institute and their representative Erik Kolleman, we eventually decided on what was to become these tepees. They are custom made from FSC wood, because we wanted to create a natural atmosphere. I have to say, it was really exciting when the equipment was first installed. The first children to see the tepees - two brothers aged 4 and 7 - didn't know where to look at first, but within a few minutes it was swarming with children, and it's been that way ever since.

Playing between the caravans

The large play area is not the only place for children to play at De Papillon as there are several playgrounds situated around the site. Some of them are even on the camping fields themselves, between the caravans and bungalows. We put families with small children who are not yet old enough to visit the large play area alone on those fields. There is smaller equipment there where they can romp around under the watchful gaze of their parents. And it's also great for the parents as they can have a chat on the terrace, whilst keeping an eye on their young ones. A carefree holiday for the whole family.

Central eye-catcher

What Mr Wassink is most proud of, however, is perhaps the butterfly-shaped toilet building with a large washing (up) area on the first floor, which is visible from the air. "From this area you have a fantastic view of the site, and children love to whizz along the long slide down to the ground floor. So do a lot of parents actually. Now everyone has to climb up via the sand wall but soon there will be a special stairway to the children's room, which will be carved out of a huge oak tree that is also sustainably produced wood of course."

Playing in nature

It is not by chance that Wassink makes a great deal of use of sustainable wood and naturally produced materials. "To us, recreation is also about interacting responsibly with our natural environment. We have introduced all sorts of environment-friendly measures at our campsite, with comfort and convenience in mind, whilst also caring for the beautiful Twentse landscape. This earned us the title of Environmental Example Company, of which we are very proud. Because what's nicer than waking up every morning surrounded by nothing but nature and peace?"

Fast fact

Location: Denekamp, The Netherlands

Area: 15 Ha

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