De Kuilart Recreational Resort and Watersports Centre


Water sports and play go hand in hand at De Kuilart. A KOMPAN sailing ship adorns this campsite on the edge of the Frisian lakes.

Anyone who loves the water really should go on holiday to Friesland at least once in their lifetime. You can find everything that water sport has to offer on the Frisian lakes. Nonchalantly meandering waterways linking pretty lakes in a uniquely Dutch landscape. And there is a good chance that you will end up on the terrace of 'it Skippershûs' in De Kuilart Recreational Resort and Watersport Centre's own five star yacht marina. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of apple pie while the children let themselves go on the fantastic wooden play ship constructed by KOMPAN on the bank of the Johan Friso canal.

At De Kuilart anything to do with water sport takes place, which is not so surprising as the recreation centre lies in the south west corner of Friesland, directly in the Frisian lake district and no more than 4 kilometres away from the wild Ijsselmeer. What's more, owner Romke de Jong is a sailing fanatic and a welcome face on the Frisian lakes. He regularly takes the tiller during the sailing trips he organises for guests in his own shallow-draft Frisian boat or in one of the other sailboats available for hourly rental at De Kuilart. When KOMPAN was asked to design a unique play area, it couldn't be anything other than a sailing boat. KOMPAN representative Erik Kolleman remembers well how it all came together.


Everything for playtime fun in one piece of equipment

"De Kuilart wanted a playground that would be a real eye-catcher at the water's edge. Something completely different and large enough to allow many children to play together at the same time. Together with De Jong and his architect, our design department in Zaltbommel ultimately came up with this huge ship, which is almost twenty metres long from bow to stern. The ship contains everything to really make playtime fun. A cabin where you can play hide-and-seek, several slides and climbing walls, ropes for scrambling around in and a real captain's wheel. There's a great view over the water from the crow's nest, and when you've had enough of playing, a long aerial cableway brings you quickly back down to earth."


Clever use of standard elements

The play ship was entirely custom-built, but if you look closely you will recognise various pieces of equipment from the KOMPAN nature range that have been cleverly incorporated into the ship. According to Mr Kolleman, this was a conscious choice. "First of all, these pieces of equipment have already proved their worth in terms of play - so why not make use of that? But more important still: by integrating existing equipment, we have been able to keep costs down considerably, which is always good." Durability has not been compromised, however, as the ship is constructed entirely from top quality and sustainably produced FSC wood.


Safety and certification

The De Kuilart play ship certainly provides a unique playground experience, but anyone embarking on such a project must appreciate that a great deal else is involved, says Mr Kolleman: "Safety and certification are issues you absolutely have to take into consideration in a project like this. Our regular equipment is already certified in the factory. but of course there's no question of that in this case."

For this play ship KOMPAN contacted the relevant authorities at an early stage, according to Mr Kolleman. "We did that in order to prevent any surprises later on. We informed them that their involvement in the project was necessary, and in the end they certified the ship on location without any problem. The ship therefore complies with all requirements, but most importantly it has become a fantastic playground that really adds something to De Kuilart. A water sport campsite full of water-lovers deserves this fine water play ship.


Fast facts
Location: Friesland, Netherlands
Area: 15 Ha

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