Aalborg ZOO, Denmark


The playground is the place where visitors spend most time when they visit the zoo.

Aalborg ZOO has been part of a trial at Aalborg University where they equipped 200 randomly chosen visitors with a GPS. The GPS revealed that the visitors, in spite of their expectations, spent most time at the playground.

Peter Sønderby, operations manager at Aalborg ZOO, tells us about the zoo's new playground.

"We chose the large grid with a slide from COROCORD, partly because we felt it was important for the playground to be visible from a long distance and partly because there was relatively limited land available."

"Our playground has to meet several criteria. First and foremost it has to be exciting and challenging to small as well as big children. This means we are looking for a good balance between play and learning that allows the children to take something home with them from the playground. In our case, the playground is based on a nature theme and gives the children the opportunity for learning about animals by trying out various fun activities."

"The playground was refurbished in 2006 and in connection with this we saw a series of different suggestions for solutions from KOMPAN's consultant. We chose the large grid with a slide because we felt it was important for the playground to be visible from a long distance and because there was relatively little land available."

"As operations manager I put great emphasis on safety and maintenance. The play equipment we have at Aalborg ZOO has to be TÜV-approved and this is why we targeted prefabricated play equipment that meets existing demands for safety. Apart from this, the requirements for maintenance have to be minimal, just as it has to be possible to outsource the task to professionals."

"The playground may generally have been a bit underestimated in an attraction like ours. But we feel that it is an important space for children, where they have the possibility of burning off some energy between visiting our various animals. The children are really happy with the new playground, and we are using the study from Aalborg University as a guideline, both as concerns the playground and ZOO in general. We have put great emphasis on furbishing the playground so that it's easy for parents to supervise the children as they play. This makes the playground a nice place to be - both for children and their parents," concludes Peter Sønderby, operations manager at Aalborg ZOO.


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